What makes your heart sing?

My New Year Resolution is the same as last year and I can be so predictable that I already know it will be the same at least for the next 50 years: do more of what makes me happy!

I asked some of my very favorite bloggers what make their heart sing. Their answer is at your finger tips, just click on the pictures and meet with the most generous, humanist and fun people in town:

A Momma’s View super Swiss Stay at home Mama in Australia, the well traveled and very inspiring LexkleinFabio from Brasil the expert at highlighting the good and the beautiful, the great photographer and my favorite ego booster Lucile reporting live from the Neederlands, the sparkly Chef, author and dancer Lia from NYC, the sassy Belle the Pinoy, Ann from Ukraine who always has beautiful stories and pic to share and last but not least the sailor, trekker and great family man, ladies and gentlemen .. Herr Hubert from Germany!

How about YOU ? what makes your heart sing?


24 thoughts on “What makes your heart sing?

  1. ahem ahem… Thanks for the wonderful shout out Estelea! I was “kinda” waiting for this… you definitely made my heart sing today! hehe… I hope you had a great Christmas with your family and wishing for you a loud and noisy (yeah, Cebu does that to you) and prosperous New Year too!!!!

    1. Thanks so much for joining ! Took a while because I had worked on a pretty cool collage .. To realise that I couldn’t add any hyperlink and the pic couldn’t be zoomed out! Anyway, here you are 😉 so happy to have found you in the whole blogosphere! We had a super relaxing Xmas in Bantayan, but if someone ever carols “last Xmas” I could become violent 😛 super happy and beautiful year to you too ! (cebu noisy and loud? Really ? )

      1. “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart… but the very next day…” <– that song? hahaha! Im glad you spent it in Bantayan, one of my favorite islands in Cebu. Did you get to explore the new SM seaside city yet? Good luck and let me know. I hear the traffic is horrendous. Perhaps a blog about it. LOL! Tell you the truth Estelea, I miss noisy and loud. It is just a tad too quiet here, specially that we don't have any kids. New Years is just different back home. Here, I don't care much for New Year. I could work the whole night and get my time and a half pay. Thanks again for the link. And like you, I am happy to meet you here on WordPress land too! 🙂

  2. My dearest Estelea! Much love to you and everyone here! Happiest of New Years and you make my heart sing with joy and happiness!! Hugs and kisses to you and yours!!!!!
    Lia in NYC:))

    1. Thanks so much again my dear for inspiring this post. I should put a bit (c) on the title! Cheers to A beautiful year full of love, laugh and joys 🙂 X

      1. Lol! You’re a gem, my dear Estelea! Sending you heartfelt thanks and huge hugs from me to you!!!!

  3. Fantastic post, full of happy pictures and feelings, I am very thankful to you, dear Estelea, for including me in this amazing circle of great moments of our life…feel so good! Happy Holidays!

    1. Thanks so much for joining, I so love your little squirrel. So cute and you have to smile when you look at it. When I showed it to my daughter, she thought he just stopped to ask “hey, what’s up buddy?” to the photographer. Were you super close to him or did you use a zoom?

      1. You are so sweet, Estelea, I am also smiling every time I see this picture or squirrels in reality, they are too cute, I adore them! I used zoom and was quite close as well, it’s a lucky photographer’s chance, one moment in my life! This picture is a real treasure for me, so I could share it only with you!

  4. My dearest Estelea, heartfelt thanks for this beautiful post. I’m grateful and privileged to be one of your favorite bloggers and be included here!! That’s a honor!
    I’ll keep my role as your ego booster because you simply deserve every word I say. Your blog is beautiful, because you’re a fantastic, authentic person, sharing hearty posts of your experiences abroad together with the most adorable family one can wish for. Keep blogging like that and I’ll keep boosting your ego! 😘
    Have happy holidays and a peaceful and joyful start of the New Year! Love from your friend, Lucile xxx

    1. I don’t think I ever thanked anyone more than you 😉 So you let me no choice but to keep on blogging! Happy, healthy and funny NY to you all XXX

  5. May I repeat everything Lucile said?! Thanks for asking me to be part of your holiday blogging tradition; it’s a nice way to meet some more of your blogging friends, too! Happy happy New Year!

    1. Oh yes you can, no problem 😉 My ego is over the moon now, thanks thanks thanks! A beautiful NY to you all, cheers to new moves and exciting adventures .. X

  6. Dear Estelea,

    Yes, conversations make my heart sing! In regard to this invited group, I have the privilege to be friend to two very sweet and smart, and very special human beings. Both are superb writers, and they accomplish that even in a language that is not their mother tongues. One walks her talk when she says that her permanent resolution is to ” do more of what makes me happy.” And she has two adorable kids! The other loves art, and the little creatures, among other things. I am sure I could write about the other participant bloggers, had I known them better.

    Dear friend, thanks so much for the invitation! Most of all, thanks so much for your energy, brilliance, and your very positive approach to life, no matter what. Thanks also for your friendship, and for sharing your beautiful family (the Filippino, and the Parisian branches) with us!

    May 2016 be another blessed year for you and yours!

    Hugs and love to you all!



    1. Thanks so much for being part of the Very Precious circle 🙂 We all wish you all a beautiful year ahead and as usual, extra hugs and kisses to the Ambassador from all us ! See you here or there next year, looking forward to reading your beautiful and inspiring 2016 posts X

  7. Kindness, gratitude, friends that miss me when i’m away, moonlight, melted chocolate, birdsong, long walks, long drives, my mother’s warm hands, my dad’s laugh, beautiful poetry, family get-togethers, sunrises and people that remind me of things that make my heart sing 🙂 that’s you :)… What a lovely post…makes me all warm and fuzzy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    1. I love your list so much! You made my heart sing especially with the friends missing you and the melted chocolate, but most of all, the family and I am just like you with the sunrises. I love them so much, they feel my heart with energy and beautiful promises ..
      THanks so much for passing by and a beautiful happy new year to you and all your loved ones. Cheers to many many of those precious things that make our heart sing ❤

  8. what an overwhelming intro, what an amazing list of bloggers, what a fantastic lady… many, many thanks for including me on your list, for reading and commenting on my sailing and outdoory lines, and especially tons of thanks for sharing so many of your thoughts with the world, with us. You cannot imagine how precious those little treats are!
    Happy New Year, have a great 2016 and I do look forward to every single one of your posts!

    1. Waou, you do really know how to make my heart sing 😉 Your blog is really great, and I do mean it, proof is that I am reading it even if I am totally sea sick! ( believe it or not, I even had to take nautamine when I was surfing ..) .
      10000 thanks for all the great energy and looking forward to even more fun time this new year! X

      1. seasick? Oh no, so what about that little deserted island, a ship wrecked ashore and the cargo full of rum? You will need to swim or paddle to get there… 😉

      2. If there’s rhum, there’s a way, no worries ! 😉 and strangely enough I have never been seasick here, I m getting better by the years. Just like great wine !

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