“Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

Fellow travelers and expats, have you too experienced this strange feeling when you are leaving a place? Leaving the great friends behind, those streets that are now so familiar ..

jeepLeaving reminds us what we can be part with and what we can’t.

Filipinos have been very kind to our family. Never before had we met such friendly and smily people. For a Parisian like me, it is just another world. We are not used to greet strangers, let alone talk to them in public transportation. Here smiling is a way of life and it had an impact on us. It is actually contagious! And they are so much more patient than me ..

On a personal level, those years have been challenging sometimes. Being a 100% SAHM made me feel more vulnerable and isolated than when I had a business card to introduce myself. And the Philippines are so far away from France!

But one learns from experience, and I am really grateful that my kids are raised by me, not by a yaya. We are very close to each other, they are my Zen Masters residents 😉 I am also very thankful for taking the chance to become a Yoga Teacher and let this beautiful practice and philosophy be part of my life. Yet I learnt my limits: I am an extravert who needs intellectual stimulation, I need to find a way to express myself also out of the family circle.

In 3 days we’ll close the Cebuano chapter of our lives and open the door to the future.

But just before, let’s look back at last week once more .. The first video postcard made by Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo:






22 thoughts on ““Salamat Bantayan!” the First video postcard of Mr Attila Jr, 4 yo!

  1. So cute! I’m trying to analyze his global accent – perfect English with a tiny bit of … je ne sais quoi … Filipino/French/even British sounds in there! Or maybe it’s just 4 yo English, which I haven’t heard for a while! 🙂 Happy final days!

    1. His accent changes by the day 🙂 Slightly Frenchy after a day with me, Pinoy after school and English thanks to Peppa Pig! We did it last night, surrounded by the big boxes and containers, both unable to sleep ! So much fun to record hardly a minute 🙂 Thanks for the wishes, can’t believe tomorrow we are off to Vietnam ! Not so easy to practice “being in the moment”those days. Well, going with the flow is very good too 🙂 Have a lovely one!

  2. Hi Stephanie, I’ve been following your posts silently and enjoying your adventures and discoveries via Instagram. I couldn’t resist to say how much I loved getting to know CEBU and the Philipinnes through your eyes. Thanks.
    I loved the video. He’s got talent!
    Wishing you safe travels and a smooth and successful start of your new chapter. May you easily find your house with a garden, school for the kids and continue to practice your yoga.
    Huge hugs. All th best.

    1. Thanks a lot Lucile, It s been a long time! I too became a fan of your IG feed, and your B&W portraits are always so impressive .. Your family is beautiful!
      Hanoi tomorrow, let’s see where we can find this garden. The more I travel, the more I deeply care about my house. After all, this is where we recharge and feel safe. Especially in a city that looks so busy .. Stay tuned for more
      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment. WIshing you a great day, topled with a big big hug ❤️

  3. The close of one chapter and the start of a new adventure!!!

    Transitions and change are not easy and stressful for sure. But once you find your neighborhood and your kids make new friends as they no doubt will, you will settle in. My favorite part about living in Vietnam is interaction with all the locals who have great humor and lots of spirit.

    Your sons first video is sooo cute. Love his Pinoy accent. Am sure you will miss living near the ocean but of course it is not too far away in Hanoi, for visits.

    Best of luck for the move!


  4. Wow! Another journey has ended and a new one is beginning. I value the honesty you put in your post. I wish you all the best for your adventure over at Vietnam and will certainly read on as you post more. Mr. Attila Jr is so cute!

  5. This is so sweet! Thank you for sharing, Estelea. I can’t believe you’re time in Cebu is over! So excited to hear about how you settle in Hanoi! (I love that he loves the Crow pose! 🙂 )

    1. thanks dear! sorry for the late reply, we are so totally busy with the wedding preps 😛 I can’t even fathom Hanoi yet .. Soon enough, one stress at a time 😉 Big hug!

    1. Thank you Andrew! Mr Attila is so proud of it, I must have watched it a thousand times 😛 Now his sister wants her moment of fame, so we need really need to make a new one, maybe about the wedding preps …
      Hope all is fine with you ! I have been missing your posts,been away from internet for a while. Back soon to get my fix of beautiful colours and artwork! All the very very best, always

  6. heyyyyy, whats up??? wow, i havent been back here in sooo long. this post was in may? by the time you read this comment, you will probably be back in paris or vacationing somewhere else in the world. that short sweet time we met in cebu seemed to be just a figment of my imagination. maybe we shall meet again in who knows where… 🙂 good luck and safe travels!

    1. Salamat my dear! Yes it seems that it was such a loooooong time ago! I am back in Europe, busy like a hysterical bee on the wedding of the century (50 pax including us 😛 ). Let’s meet up in SPain next time, we are thinking South of Spain next year. Can’t be any hotter than your home country 😛 Big hug!

      1. aha! we are going to spain for my birthday in march!!! barcelona and madrid for now. the details i haven’t figured out yet. seems like you need to have a good spa getaway to de-stress from all that wedding planning…mmm… right? we don’t want the bride to look haggard, don’t we? big hugs to you back on your wedding day!!!!

      2. Spain in March, best season! Not too cold, not boiling yet 😉
        (Yes I am craving for a de-tress treatment :P) XXX

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