“When tired

learn to rest, not to quit”.

All expats have been there. The first three months in a new country are exhilarating. Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 10.52.26Everything is new, exciting, it is so easy to make friends and for luckiest of us, the food is delicious here. We are super busy: new house to find, new school, new habits, new schedules ..

Then it’s usually after 3 months that the honey moon ends. We get tired. The basics are covered, what ‘s next? For me, it’s should be time to take a step further. Not get stucked in the cliché of the “expat wife” life – although it could be tempting in Hanoi as there are so many ways to keep you socially busy. Exhibitions, classes, lunches, cafes, shopping .. the list is endless and could really keep me busy 24/7.

Not this time. I want to market my yoga classes and do more Communication consulting. I am teaching Hatha twice a week for adults, and I am ready to teach Mums and babies. Almost done with my beautiful Kids Yoga Teachers Training and I should graduate in a few little weeks now . I have the theory and the practice.

I must get going faster and higher.

But the 3 month honey moon has just ended.

After been in the spotlight and been swept along by a wave of support and good wishes — I suddenly feel isolated, cast adrift, and “stuck”: unable to move my life forward in this new environment. I know it’s part of the Expat Adjustment life, I ve been there before. So I know it won’t last if I adress it properly.

Rule number 1 is to acknowledge the feeling. I hadn’t realised all the energy I had been putting into everything: the ambition to finish a year long course in 6 months, worrying for my kids health because of the insane pollution we have here, making a point of home cooking every day, teaching, meeting up new people every week .. The sudden change of temperature and again, the pollution had a toll on me and forced me to give it all a break. Pause in bed with a naughty angina and flue. I should have seen this one coming.

But never too late to practice for myself what I am teaching my students: make space. Breath and be gentle to yourself. Surrender for a while.

Rule 2 is to take time for our 3 best friends: Me, myself and I. We tend to forget how influenced we are by the nature around us. Winter means being slower. Being more within. Reconnecting. It’s this time of year that we stop to give thanks, to be with our close families and friends. A resting time ..

Adjustement to totally new surroundings takes some time, go with the flow.  It’s ok not to be ok. Pamper yourself, surround yourself only with positive and encouraging people, privilege quality over quantity. Be selfish. Take care of yourself first. Have the luxury of not doing anything for a few days and totally unplug of social media for a long weekend.

That’s my prescription for the whole month of December. To apply to myself first 🙂

Anything else I should add to the list of natural medicines ?


(In response to WPC on Serene)




2 thoughts on ““When tired

  1. I keep reading that practicing gratitude is the new hot ticket to serenity and inner peace! I think there is something in that since thinking about all the things you are thankful for leads to much more positive thinking than focusing on negatives. Not that you are doing that! You always present such an upbeat, positive outlook, and I have no doubt that your recent crash is totally normal and totally temporary. Take good care of yourself, as you say, and then you can take care of others in your house, your community, and world!

  2. I also had recently been sick. It’s a time when even the simplest things are desired such as wanting to be energized, happy and able to eat the things you want. But when you’re sick, you’re forced to take care of yourself. Eat healthier and rest more. I hope you are doing well now. I’m sorry to hear there is so much pollution. Please take care <3!!

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