Day 22: try a low impact sport

Did you know that in winter, we should practice slow sports?

Activities should represent the season with a turn inwards, with more self-reflection, quiet time writing, meditating, reading and other soul-nourishing activities.

Winter is a time to slow down and feed ourselves both physically and spiritually. Internal martial arts and meditative practices are particularly helpful at this time of year.

There are wonderful ways to experience low impact activities without braving the cold: online or on podcasts 🙂

I have developed a real passion for the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais and Spotify Podcasts offers fascinating classes.

All you need is a floor and eventually a blanket, the benefits of the practice are priceless and there is no risk to hurt yourself as the movements are so slow. At the end of a class, I always feel lighter yet grounded, as if I had spent 2h with a chiropractor.

I also love yin yoga for the calm, the work on the fascia, the meditation on the body. Since I discovered the practice with Bernie Clark, I never stopped digging into all its benefits and its relationships with Traditional Chinese Medicine. My classes on Zoom are in French on Sunday at 8PM, you are all welcome to give it a (free 😉 try!

During Covid, when we were all locked down in Hanoi, I discovered the teachings of Lee Holden. I had tried QiGong in Asia with a couple of Asian masters but it was so complicated and hard to digest. Lee’s classes are different because he has the (massive) knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Martial arts yet he knows how to teach it to occidentals. He can explain meridians, breathing technics, postures in very simple yet efficient ways. I am always fascinated to realize how the energy circulates much better at the end of a session. His classes are quite expensive (he used to offer some during Covid) but they are worth the investment. And there is still Youtube for the free ones.

Do you have a favorite low impact sport? Care t share ? 🙂 Have a lovely week and keep up with the practice that makes you feel good!


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